Eli has been coming to Bright STAR for a year and 8 months now. Eli has progressed so much during his time here. The past year he has been working with Joalyn. …I would recommend everyone to her! She works great with kids & my son.

Veronica, mother of Eli

I was referred by my son’s pediatric surgeon and we have been very pleased with the staff. They are friendly, helpful, and very professional. I will definitely recommend other people I know to Bright STAR.

J. Alberto

Kira’s only been coming to PT for a week and she’s already showing such improvement- making HUGE strides in her ability/ tolerance/ DESIRE to hold herself up. Last night she sat in a restaurant high chair for the first time and was so happy and stayed there for the entire meal. When we left, she … Continue reading Tara S.

Tara S.

I was in a rear collision auto accident. It sounded like an earthquake, and all the airbags broke through the windows. I hurt all over although the ER could find nothing wrong. I walked around in agony—not able to lift my right arm . . . my back, legs and ankles all hurt. I went … Continue reading Vivian Kalmus

Vivian Kalmus

I am 19 years old and have had chronic lower back and leg pain for several years. After a few surgeries, many different doctors, and no significant results, the problem persisted and got worse over time. Eventually, I ended up completely unable to stand or walk at all. My legs simply wouldn’t hold my weight … Continue reading Amanda V

Amanda V

I started physical therapy at Bright STAR . . . after a back operation and at the suggestion of my neurologist.My first experience was a very thorough, efficient and professional examination. My balance was not good. My legs were not strong. I also experienced back spasm. My body was weak, and I got tired easily. … Continue reading Elliott D. Politi

Elliott D. Politi

What I most appreciate about my experience at Bright STAR in North Hollywood is the personal touch I have received. From day one, I have always been made to feel that when I am there getting therapy, I am a VIP. I am greeted with a smile from the wonderful office staff and big hello … Continue reading David S

David S