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Aquatic therapy is a specialized branch of physical therapy in which individuals participate in rehabilitative activities while in the water. Water provides buoyancy, resistance in all planes, and a soothing environment. As a result, improvements are often noted in circulation, strength and endurance, balance and coordination, range of motion, and muscle tone.

Our North Hollywood aquatic physical therapy facility is located within minutes of our North Hollywood office. This location offers therapy that is geared toward adults and older children. Patients from any of our locations can use the aquatic therapy pool if this treatment is considered necessary by the therapist. We keep our pool well-maintained and sanitary, with clear guidelines for use by all patients.




Benefits of aquatic therapy:

  • Promotes early ambulation
  • Pain-free, effective muscle strengthening
  • Helps improve muscle endurance
  • Strengthens and improves respiratory muscles
  • Promotes muscular relaxation
  • Core and Pelvic floor strengthening and stabilization
  • Increases peripheral circulation
  • Improves body awareness & balance

North Hollywood Pool
1217 Magnolia
N. Hollywood, CA 91607
Hours: Saturday 8:45AM – 12:30PM

Call (818) 343-3900 to schedule a consultation if you think aquatic therapy is right for you.


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