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Staff Member Spotlight : Savina

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Occasionally, we will be featuring a member of our staff! Meet our founding partner, Savina Kollmorgen, MPT.

Savina’s interest in medicine narrowed to physical therapy as she loved the close interaction with patients it offered. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Health Education and Master of Physical Therapy at California State University, Northridge.

With partner Masha Katz, she directs treatment as a head therapist and co-owner at Bright Star, specializing in treating children with conditions like Torticollis, and developmental delays such as issues from feeding to walking.

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Schroth Boot Camp is Back! April 7-9 (kids) and April 21-23 (adults)

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Schroth Boot CampSchroth Boot Camp is back!!!
April 7-9, 2017 (Kids)
April 21-23, 2017 (Adults)
We are welcoming new and returning patients. Come be a part of our 2nd
Boot Camp at Bright Star Physical Therapy in Woodland Hills, an intense 15 hour, 3 day class. We will be hosting two different camps, one for adults and one for kids. Please come and take advantage of our bundle prices!

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Cupping Therapy at Bright STAR Physical Therapy

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Cupping provides benefits for many conditions
It can help remove toxins from the body, stimulates the flow of fresh blood & anti-bodies to the affected area and throughout the body. It’s known for helping the flu, coughs, joint pain, lower back and muscle pain, plantar fasciitis, fibromyalgia, poor circulation, red itchy skin conditions and indirectly helps with allergies, fevers, aches and myriad other pains.

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