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By October 1, 2014Pediatrics

It is a sweet sorrow when our little ones are done with PT – we get so attached to them, but we are so very proud of the progress they have made. One of our little baby boys started when he was 6 weeks old – he had torticollis and plagiocephaly and now, 3 months later he does not!

We will continue to see him on a monthly basis just to make sure he is doing well but no more ongoing PT. Good job to the parents who did their homework so well – this is a very important part of treatment, which insures quick progress – doing the exercises at home. The parents were very involved, did the stretches and activities at home and our little star is perfect.

The other graduate started with us when she was 6 months old with diagnosis of torticollis and plagiocephaly and now she is 12 months old. She is walking and not having any issues with her head or neck. It took a little longer in her case because she was referred later – 6 months of referral doubled the time for improvement. Nevertheless she is done and we are very proud of her and her family. It will be sad not to see the beautiful smiley faces any more – we hope they visit us.

Both of the babies did not have to order helmets even though they had plagiocephaly – a condition of skull asymmetry, usually fixed by wearing a helmet. Due to the PT program, 90% of our babies end up NOT needing a helmet – a very expensive and somewhat uncomfortable process. We start our measurements at the first visit and initiate a program which keeps the flat side of the head away from pressure ensuring that the brain can grow. So far we have been very successful with this and only some of the babies that come to us late – 6-7 months- end up having to get a helmet, since it is late for PT intervention to help.

Our two graduates, like many other our the babies we see did not have to get helmets and again we are very proud of them.

Congratulations and good luck!


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