First Sign of Scoliosis?

Our social media manager took her young boys, ages 7 and 9, to the pediatrician for their annual checkups. They are healthy active boys, so there was no reason for worry, just the usual conversation about healthy diets and exercise, reminders to drink water and milk and lay off the juice and DON’T DRINK SODA.

And then the doctor did something new: she had each boy stand with his back to her.

“Stand up nice and straight,” she said. “Now bend forward all the way down to the floor.”

The doctor looked carefully at each boy’s back and declared them fine.

This was their very first scoliosis screening.

Pediatricians, school nurses, and even parents use this simple test. It doesn’t have to be embarrassing, especially if children know why it’s so important. Any indication of a possible curvature should be further investigated and it helps to catch it early.


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