Impressed with BrightSTAR Schroth patients’ results, Doctor reports, “She’s exceeding all expectations”

Scoliosis Treatments, Doctors Typical RecommendationsThese scoliosis updates are particularly special because they both have dramatically reduced the curve from a severity that was dangerously close to the point that doctors recommend surgery.   They also illustrate the great level of effectiveness of Bright Star Physical Therapy’s Schroth Program.   See chart right indicating levels of scoliosis therapy and typical doctors’ recommendations.


Schroth Method at BrightSTAR Physical Therapy, 46% Improvement46% Improvement

Patient #1, whom we’ll call “M”, for the sake of privacy, showed 46% improvement in just 5 months.  

She is 14 years old.  Curve was close enough that if it would grow a few more degrees, the doctor was going to talk about surgery. The time periods between the x-rays was about 5 months. The patient and her supporting family were very dedicated and the results show it.   We are very proud of her — and very happy for her results.  The picture shows the before & after pictures.   As shown in the chart above, doctors typically recommend surgery for Scoliosis patients in the 40 degrees and greater level of progression – “M” was at 39° (just 1 degree short of the Surgery category) — if improvement was not made soon, surgery may have been recommended.  Not only did the patient’s curve move away from 39°, they reduced it by nearly 50%.   BrightSTAR’s Schroth Physical Therapy Program is perfect for patients looking for non-invasive methods of treatment for their Scoliosis.

Schroth Method at BrightSTAR Physical Therapy, 46% Improvement
32% Improvement

Patient #2, “A”, again for privacy, showed a 32% improvement in only 2 months — from 38° to 26° with no brace.

The picture shows before & after shots of a 12 year old female patient using the Schroth Method at Bright STAR Physical Therapy.

She started out with a 38 degree curve and started the Schroth physical therapy only 2 months ago.   Today, the doctor today said “she exceeded all expectations!” — she measured 17 degrees in brace, but what’s amazing – she measured 26 degrees out of brace.  From 38 to 26!

The continued success of BrightSTAR’s Scoliosis Schroth  Physcal Therapy Program is underlined with these patient updates.

Schroth Method

Schroth Therapy is customized to the individual’s specific curvature and focuses on stopping curve progression, reducing pain, increasing strength and lung function. The physical therapy includes stretching, strengthening and breathing techniques that oppose the rotation of spinal curves. Some exercises are prescribed to be performed by the patient at home during their normal daily routine.

Many scoliosis sufferers feel that surgery is not only invasive, but has long term negative results and are looking for alternatives.

“Sense of Hope”
Masha Katz, MPT

Masha Katz, MPT

Masha Katz, MPT said “With most people, adults and kids alike, the first thing that I notice is a sense of hope. Most of them have been told over and over again that ‘nothing can be done ‘ except bracing ( only for kids), and surgery.  If not, ‘live with it’. For many many people that means living with pain and decreased abilities for sports and exercise, even walking. “

Beyond “a sense of hope”, Masha mentioned several real benefits of using the Schroth Method including,

  • Reduction of curve
  • Improves overall posture
  • Halts progression of the curve in some cases
  • Reduction or/and elimination of pain
  • Greater ease of mobility
  • Works well in conjunction with brace
  • Balance and coordination
  • Body symmetry & image
  • Self confidence
Early detection & action is key!

Also, good news to patients of Scoliosis, many insurers are now covering the costs of Schroth Physical Therapy treatments. If you experience lower back pain and have issues working or even sleeping, then find out how to get pain relief and have an improved backbone.

Scoliosis is a disease that causes an improper curve of the spine

The unusual curve of the spine is caused by a disease called scoliosis. The spine can bend right or left and may have an effect on any part of the back. Most individuals with scoliosis experience abnormal curves in the chest or lower section of the back.

In several cases, kids are more affected by this condition because scoliosis is likely to arise when their bodies are growing. If this condition is treated early, the injury can be controlled and quality of life improved, however left untreated, it can cause more damage and health issues to the heart, lungs, and pelvic region — not to mention psychological effects.

In Valley Village / North Hollywood, CA & Woodland Hills, CA, contact BrightSTAR PT, certified in Schroth Treatment at 818-343-3900 to learn more about the Schroth Method of Physical Therapy.  We are conveniently located near the 101 & 170 freeways, respectively, and have patients visit from all over the valley — not just Woodland Hills & Valley Village — including North Hollywood, Van Nuys, Studio City, Encino, Woodland Hills, West Hills, Canoga Park & Calabasas.



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