It’s National Physical Therapy Month

By October 14, 2013News, Physical Therapy

We are smack dab in the middle of National Physical Therapy Month, so it’s a good time to ask your therapist, “What does being a physical therapist mean to you?”

The answer should be something like this, if you are working with a caring, skilled PT:

Being a physical therapist means teaching and maximizing people’s function and their physical potential; decreasing pain; teaching them how to optimize their bodies, despite any disability. I get to bring about these changes with my hands! Not by prescribing medication, but actually by physically interacting with people – from tiny babies to the very elderly. They allow me to enter their lives, be part of their world and they become part of mine. I think that’s one of the greatest parts of being a physical therapist. It’s the relationships you develop and lives you touch.

–Masha Katz, physical therapist and co-owner of Bright STAR Physical Therapy

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