National Kidney Awareness Month

We pay attention to all of the ways you can and should keep your body healthy. In our busy lives it is hard to remember everything all the time, but it’s worth it to take a moment and stop and think about the little things we do to nurture our bodies. Eating the right foods. Wearing sunscreen. Getting enough rest. Drinking water.

And there are things we should avoid, too, of course. Like drinking too much – anytime, but particularly on holidays known for excessive consumption of alcohol. With St. Patrick’s Day coming up, on a weekend day, no less, we urge you to stay safe and make sure you have a designated driver if you are out living it up. We participated in a Twitter chat yesterday in which the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shared statistics and warnings about “buzzed driving.”

@NHTSAgov what is the distinction between buzzed and drunk?

@brightstarpt There is no distinction: IS Drunk Driving.

Don’t rely on the luck of the Irish to get you home safely.


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