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By September 18, 2013Schroth, Scoliosis

A.L. is a 34-year-old woman from Vancouver, BC who has scoliosis. Although slim and healthy she began experiencing back pain and wanted to start a family. She wanted to get her scoliosis under control, so it wouldn’t interfere with pregnancy or/and cause more pain. Several doctors and chiropractors told her there is nothing besides surgery that can be done at this point because she is too old for a brace. Determined to find an alternative, A.L. did more research. She discovered the Schroth Method, and found Masha Katz, MPT.

Katz describes the work she did with A.L. that led to the patient traveling to the clinic all the way from Canada:

Prior to her coming out we communicated via e-mail for several weeks. She sent me her picture and her latest X-ray. I saw her for an evaluation which lasted almost two hours and eight more treatment sessions which were combined into a week. She did have a weekend in between to practice the exercises and the postural corrections.
Her program is designed based on her specific curvature and her level of fitness, strength, etc. I am able to modify the exercises based upon what she will be able and willing to do at home. Her long term plan was to practice the new posture so it becomes very comfortable to “live” in and the exercises I gave her support the new postural control.

I am still in communication with her. She said she is practicing the posture and the exercises; she has no more back pain and her friends/family are pointing out the difference in her appearance. She told me that her clothes are fitting better now, too.

Scoliosis Physical Therapy - Schroth MethodA.L. using postural corrections directed by physical therapist Masha Katz

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