Physical Therapy in Los Angeles

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One of the best things about living in Los Angeles is the variety of services we have in our town and surrounding us. But sometimes, it feels like those services are far, far away because of…what else? The traffic.

Would you drive over the hill for physical therapy?

What if your back was killing you and you had tried countless methods – you tried your doctor, an ortho specialist, yoga, acupuncture, that other physical therapist, and even voodoo. (Okay, maybe not voodoo.) You’ll try anything to get rid of the pain and move freely again.

For a physical therapy practice, Los Angeles is a very tough market to work in, due to the really intense competition.  Because we are ever-changing and improving our approaches to PT using new techniques of care, going to continuing education classes, hiring the best staff, we have been able to provide our patients with the best treatment. We also have some therapists who treat urinary and bowel incontinence and vestibular problems – these are all very specialized areas, and it is hard to find therapists trained in them.  To have two such therapists under one roof and very fortunate for us and our patients.

Also, with Bright STAR you don’t have to go very far. If you are coming from anywhere in the San Fernando Valley or even the Conejo Valley, there is a Bright STAR office that is within a reasonable drive. Even if you live downtown or on the West Side, you’ll be going “against traffic” as they say (just be sure to avoid making appointments during Carmageddon II or III whichever one they are on!) and your treatment and the inevitable pain relief will be worth it. Why? Because our therapists and staff will figure out what is wrong and design a treatment plan that works for you. We’ll even hand you a tissue when you cry those tears of joy and relief.


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