Pregnancy Pilates in Woodland Hills or Santa Clarita CA

By January 20, 2011General

Pilates is a revolutionary approach to strengthening the body in a guided way that gradually increases in difficulty and intensity. The benefits of Pilates include increasing flexibility, strengthening the core musculature and all muscles of the body without putting stress on the joints, improving balance, stretching the spine, and correcting muscle imbalances. It truly is a great form of exercise and rehabilitation that will benefit any age and will help reduce your pregnancy pain while strengthening your muscles.

You are invited to attend two free thirty minute sessions of Pilates with our phenomenal and experienced Pilates instructors. They will patiently guide you through the fundamentals of core muscle strengthening, and how to improve body mechanics in your daily life in order to decrease or prevent the occurrence of low back pain, joint problems and many other physical dysfunctions. Please call to schedule your free appointments, as they are covered by most insurance plans (818) 343-3900 or (661) 259-6010. We give this gift to you because we truly care about your physical well-being and your good health!


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