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By March 11, 2013General

We recently found Scoliosis Haven, a blog published by a woman who has the condition. It’s a tumblr blog, which allows the blogger to re-blog articles that she has found elsewhere, so essentially the site is her collection of resources and news and also her own thought about scoliosis and alternative treatments, including the Scroth Method, which is a specialty of our own therapist Masha Katz.

My name is Megan, and I have scoliosis. I created this blog to record my thoughts about scoliosis, to help others sharing the condition, and to join the growing community of scoliosis awareness.

Sites like this can be welcome resources for people learning about scoliosis. By sharing her treatment and her journey, Megan helps other scoliosis sufferers feel less alone and scared. Just remember, as she notes in her right sidebar, that she is not a therapist or a doctor, so her blog is not medical advice, just a place to find information and commiseration and hopefully, inspiration.


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