Scoliosis is much more common than you may think

Shailene Woodley of Divergent Series

Shailene Woodley of Divergent Series

Scoliosis doesn’t discriminate either — there are many famous people with Scoliosis — we list just a few below.   We did however; notice that most of them are female.   We don’t know if this is because females are much more likely to have Scoliosis or they’re more willing to share their battles in public. We suspect that it may be a little of both.   Many of these stars with scoliosis have achieved fame despite battling scoliosis and the challenging symptoms of scoliosis.

Scoliosis is an abnormal side to side curvature of the spine. This curve can either develop as a single curve like a “C” or a double curve forming a “S” shape.

Roughly 4% of all people have Scoliosis — that is one child in every classroom, 1 person at the park, grocery store or the movie theater.   Also, Scoliosis occurs twice as often in girls than in boys.   Some studies report that up to 80% of cases occur in adolescent girls.  30% of Scoliosis patients have a family history of Scoliosis.

We also notice that most report that they use non-surgical methods to deal with Scoliosis. Proper stretching & exercise routines can go a long way to improve the quality of life of those who suffer from Scoliosis.   Many report regular exercise as a way to deal with the curve.

Schroth Method is Physical Therapy treatment that uses isometric exercises to strengthen or lengthen certain muscles. Ultimately, the goal is to either “push” or “pull” the spinal curvature back in normal range by using your own muscles.  Additionally, Physical Therapy for Scoliosis dramatically reduces the pain, appearance of scoliosis and increases the physical abilities & quality of life of the patient.

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At Bright STAR Physical Therapy, our staff maintains their training & education on new & innovative treatment options in order to relieve the symtoms of Scolisos.  Scoliosis screening at Bright STAR Physical Therapy is free.   We have 2 locations in the San Fernando Valley — Woodland Hills, CA & Valley Village / North Hollywood. Bright STAR physical therapists will be able to help you find relief. Call our office today for a free consultation (818)343-3900. You can also visit our website at


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