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By March 29, 2013Pediatrics

We are very proud to be one of the only clinics in southern CA to treat scoliosis, and kyphosis, (any spinal curvature), with the method called Schroth. Savina Kollmorgen and I are both certified. This is a very specific method of evaluation, and exercises, including breathing exercises that help to redirect the muscle pull of the curved spine. We treat adults and children.

In general, orthopedic doctors are very certain of the fact that scoliosis does not improve with exercise of any kind. The only things that help, according to them, are either a hard-shell brace, surgery (in extreme cases), or it just gets better on its own. We have had several cases in our office that completely disproved that theory using the Schroth approach.

There are several articles that have been published in the last several years, in European, Israeli, and Turkish medical journals that support what we’ve been seeing. One of the most recent studies came from Moscow med university, where they repeated a study that was done several years earlier that proves that there are measurable improvements in measurements after a Schroth out-patient rehabilitation.

We now are treating a little girl, around 2 years old, for a fairly severe scoliosis. If she were older she would definitely be in a brace. She has been in treatment with us since November of last year. She has been coming in regularly only for the past two months or so and the parents are doing a lot of stuff at home. I took pictures at the initial evaluation, about a month ago and today. The results look amazing. She will go for a re-x-ray in a month. (I can’t wait!)


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