Success Story of the Week: First Steps Using LiteGait

By November 21, 2013Pediatrics

One of our pediatric patients started walking for the first time this week.

When we started with him, the boy was not able to sit, and was not able to bear any weight at all on his feet.  He was not engaging with us in play.

But by working with us, even coming to our Splash! aquatic therapy program at our pool in North Hollywood, the child has made incredible progress. This wee was his first time on the LiteGait – a treadmill with a supportive harness that helps take the burden of weight. The LiteGait allows patients to:

  • obtain supported suspension
  • comfortably walk in an environment free from falls
  • increase or decrease the weight bearing load on the weaker side of the body
  • learn to walk with proper upright posture
  • achieve controlled reduction of weight bearing
  • use an assistive device while being supported over ground
  • begin gait training earlier in the rehabilitation process, and at a lower level
  • have improved interaction with the therapist
  • experience a sense of accomplishment

Now the boy is socializing, reaching for toys, sitting on his own, standing up with a tiny bit of assistance and finally, starting to walk, thanks to his own determination and our amazing pediatric therapist, Joalyn.


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