David S

What I most appreciate about my experience at Bright STAR in North Hollywood is the personal touch I have received. From day one, I have always been made to feel that when I am there getting therapy, I am a VIP. I am greeted with a smile from the wonderful office staff and big hello from my therapists, Mike and Arnold. The first thing my therapist, Arnold, does if find out how I am doing, if I am having any problems and just about my life in general. I feel that he is genuinely interested in my complete recovery from my trauma. My sessions have been personally designed to cater to my needs. I have been to other therapy centers that have been nothing but the equivalent of doing an circuit at the local gym. I see and feel the results because everything is designed for me. I also have the comfort of knowing that when I am at Bright STAR, my time is my time; I am not sharing my therapist’s attention with three other clients.

I was also happy to get a phone call from Bruce Lund, as a follow-up to my initial visit, to see if I was getting the therapy and patient treatment I needed. I never got that experience at the other facility either.I am very pleased with my experience at Bright STAR in North Hollywood and would be happy to recommend this facility to anyone needing exceptional physical therapy.