“The Doctors” Gives a Young Man His First Adult Prosthetic Legs

By February 25, 2013In the News

Today on The Doctors, Joey Funderburk, who was born without legs, gets his first pair of properly sized prosthetic legs. Here is a short clip of Joey showing his mother how well they work. Note the clear demonstration by the prosthetic specialist of the way a normal hip ball-and-socket joint works.

Joey was an orphan in Romania, abandoned by his mother due to a rare genetic condition that left him without legs. When he was six years old, South Carolina resident Chrystal Funderburk adopted him and brought him to the US and provided an opportunity for him to have first pair of prosthetic legs.

As Joey grew into a teenager with his new family, he began to outgrow his pediatric prosthetic legs and would often succumb to dangerous slips and falls. The total cost of new adult prosthetic legs came to a staggering $120,000 and their insurance coverage was limited to $50,000. Despite a lot of hard work with fundraising, the family was unable to afford the new legs.

The Doctors shocked the Funderburk family by sending Joey to a leading prosthetics company in the U.S. to be fitted for the new legs he desperately needed. The heart-warming moment when Joey takes The Doctors’ stage to reveal his new legs will air today at 2:00 PM on CBS.

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