Torticollis Babies

By January 28, 2014Pediatrics

These little ones are being treated for torticollis. Little F, on the left, is 13 months old, and little C is 12 months old. They are both doing very well!

The hanging platform that they are standing on is used to treat torticollis in infants. Because the baby’s head is tilted and rotated, secondary to the neck being tight on one side, as they get older and the problem is not fixed, they begin to hold their trunk and their bodies to accommodate to the neck tilt. This happens subconciously and the babies begin to have abnormal posture; leading with one side when walking; utilizing muscles on one side of their body differently then the other. This leads to asymmetry and multiple other problems.

Balance exercises such as the ones performed on the platform and shown here are very effective at reversing the effects of torticollis. Children are amazing!


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