Torticollis Worries

By July 14, 2014Pediatrics

We have seen so many babies with torticollis and plagiocephaly over the years – we specialize in the treatment in these conditions and get referrals from many pediatricians. Yesterday I saw a little baby boy with torticollis and I was reminded of an ongoing concern that parents and I both have.

The pediatrician does not refer on time. Instead she says:”Don’t worry it will get better by itself”, or “Here are some stretches lets see how it works for a few months”.

The most crucial thing is to start Physical Therapy as soon as possible. The babies that we see when they are 1-2 months old are usually done with therapy in 1-2 months, and the babies who come when they are 3-4 months old are usually done in 6-7 months. When the babies are 5-6 months then it could take up to a year to cure the condition. We have tried to educate the MDs – many, many, many times (I am not sure if I any enough “many’s”), however it has never worked.

Instead we started offering free consultations for this problem – so if you have a baby who is looking to one side only, or is bending the head to one side, don’t hesitate to call- it will take only 15 minutes and you will have peace of mind. My patient yesterday waited 7 months and now is in pretty bad shape not to mention that he is not rolling, sitting, or doing any tummy time. His head is very asymmetric due to his position to one side only and he will need a helmet.

The parents knew about the problem since birth and their MD asked them to wait. If only they knew to come 7 months ago, probably the baby will be fine by now with age appropriate milestones, and no need for helmet – I am 95% sure of that.

So whenever in doubt please call us and come. One thing I can guarantee 100% is you will not have to stay in therapy in the baby does not need it, but if they do then you just saved a tone of time, worries and some money as well.


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