Trigger Points

Trigger Points

Many times you will hear a Bright STAR Physical Therapist talk about doing a “trigger point release” or a certain patient having multiple “trigger points”. Which leads us to the question of what exactly is a trigger point?

To understand trigger point we must first understand that every muscle, organ, nerve and blood vessel are covered by a sheet of soft tissue called fascia. The specific sheet covering our muscles are referred to as myofascia.

When myofascia is stressed from overuse or some sort of traumatic movement/injury it can tear and adhere together. When the myofascia adheres it is referred to as a trigger point. Imagine a rubber band being overstretched to the point where it is no longer smooth but bumpy and not taught. Those bumps will naturally adhere to each other; forming a trigger point.

Common causes of trigger points include; but not limited to increased muscle stiffness, moderate to sever tenderness of the muscle, and decreased range of motion. The discomfort or pain from the adhesion of the myofascia can radiate into different parts of the body.

At Bright STAR we use a combination of manual palpation’s, light therapy, and stretching to “release” these adhesions within the muscle. This results in increased blood flow to the affected area; which promotes healing. In addition trigger point therapy  decreases pain symptoms while increasing the rang of motion of the muscle.

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