Winter Self Care

By January 13, 2014News

We are lucky, here in SoCal, that we don’t have to deal with things like the Polar Vortex or 3 feet of snow, or continuous rain. We have sunshine and happy weather most of the time.

Still, it IS winter, and even here in Southern California there are wintery things to consider.

It gets dark so early!

You may put in a long day at work only to come home in the dark. This can be depressing, especially if you woke up early and LEFT for work in the dark, too! If you wanted to toss a ball in the backyard with your children after work, you can get some floodlights or forget about that!

It’s important to get outside if you can – maybe on your lunch break or by scheduling a walk-and-talk meeting – and then maximize those outdoor opportunities on weekends if you don’t get enough during the week. A little sunshine on your shoulder makes you happy, as John Denver would say.

We can go to the snow!

Lucky us, Big Bear and Snow Summit and a host of other winter wonderlands are just a short drive away. If you are a weekend warrior on the slopes, remember to keep yourself conditioned so you don’t return from your getaway with an injury. And wear the right protective gear. Wrist guards are recommended for snowboarders to prevent their most common injury: wrist fractures.

Make the best of it!

How often do we get to snuggle up inside by the fire, Angelenos? It’s hot most of the year. Why not embrace the chilly nights – when we get them – and take that time to relax, play a board game with family or friends, and have a healthy, hearty meal? Those are the occasions when memories are made.

(If you’re reading this in a cold place, here’s an article that helps you beat the winter blues where winter is much more obvious.)


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